Keeping your Joomla site running

I few months back I had a problem with one of my Joomla based websites.

When I accessed the site there was just thus error about session_id’s
And a problem that I now know how to solve “DB function failed with error number 1016″

If you need to now how to fix this, check this Joomla Forum post .

The problem could occur if there is no regular login from the Administrator to work on the site.
The session table’s are filled by visitors automatically and cleaned after you login.
Of course you keep your site well up to date, so you don’t run into this problem.
But what if you are going on a holiday for several weeks?
You still want your site to be running, then if its not running for several days, this could seriously damage your ranking!

The Session Plugin for Joomla! Table error Prevention

Luckily for you, I found a solution in a Plugin that is offered by Plugin is called SM2 Session Plugin and can be downloaded from SM2 Joomla! Extensions

What is does is delete, check or repair the session table if necessary, you can read more on the download site.
You just install it as an Mambot, and make sure you publish it to :-)

It not only keeps your site running, it also optimizes the session table, and by doing so, keeps your website running better al the time.
Without any effort from your side.

And if you want to run further optimization on your MySql tables you might want to read this post Optimizing your Joomla Website from the back end

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