More Speed for Your Joomla site

I talked to you about How to speed up your Joomla Site and now I have to tell your the next step to take…

A new Joomla Cache Component 

There is a new component for Caching your Joomla website, and it works great for the sites I run and my customers websites.
Dramatically increasing the loading time of your visitors!
The component comes from and was first brought to my attention by

This new component has gotten some great reviews on the extensions site of Joomla and IrcMaxell collected a few on the Internet as well on the Review of Page Component.

What the component does, is cache the page in a very efficient way, so loading time is dramatically reduced, sometimes over 90%.
It works on top of your normal Joomla Cache, so please leave this on as well.

How to Install the component

This is very basic, but you need to do some simple homework before trying to install.
Believe me, this time is short and easy.. read it on How to Boost Joomla Performance  the Installation part.

There is however a drawback… the page has to be loaded once to get into the cache, and this initial load takes a few seconds…
After that it is of course up to you for how long this cache stay active, standard is 600 seconds I believe, but for my sites I run it up to 3600 seconds or more depending on how much new content is created.

The next thing is that it only works for your visitors and not for Logged in members.
This is not something that is going to be Fixed, because caching for individuals is not that easy as it sounds.
Caching than has to be done per session… which is really not do able.

But the good news is.. Search Engine Spiders are “visitors” so they will benefit from Speeding Up your website.

There are also som Plugins to help out on more specific components like Joomlaboard.
Otherwise you can exclude you problem component form being handled by the Page Cache.

Last but not least

The component leave a nice Footer behind on your website “Powered By Page_Cache by Ircmaxell” which can be removed if you dive into the code.
Or by a Ten Dollar donation to the developer. Which of the options you like to use, its fine or as he says “It’s your choice” 

I consider this one as a “must have” for the sites I build in Joomla.

Try the component, if you like it, keep it, if not… you probably did something wrong :-)


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for this helpful information. Do you know how to replace the “Powered By Page_Cache by Ircmaxell” with the page cache image (

    Many thanks,

  2. Yes I do…..

    First option is to send IrcMaxell a donation of 10 Dollar for his work :-) and he will send you the license code that removes the text.

    Second.. dive into the code and Find it yourself, its not that hard to find if you make the Effort.

    But I am not giving the solution on some Blog of Forum, because I think Ircmaxwell deservers more respect than that for his work.
    If he wanted it to be easy, he would have posted the solution on his website….

    I have two websites on Joomla SEO where I leave the Line just to help out people who want the best performance for there Joomla based websites.

    But as said in the post, you are free to find the code and take it away.

    Happy Hunting :-)

  3. =) Thanks. I managed to find it and replace it with the image (bottom of page):

  4. @David

    Nice Job ! I like it.. looks good!.
    Even better then the text link.

    Maybe IrcMaxell would makehis link this way?

  5. Hey mate
    wont you mind if I post this on my Blog [PR3] and leave a link back to you.
    Just asking so.

  6. @Xtraze
    I don’t mind, Your site looks very much in line with the topic of this Blog :-)

  7. Thanks mate
    I will just leave a post saying checkout this article, like.

  8. Hey mate,
    You like to exchange Blogroll links with me ?
    If needed, I can provide some Google analytics data.
    Contact me through my eMail address if interested.

  9. This tool does offer some excellent performance for your joomla site, previously in the past I was using the paid version by joomlatwork and have now reverted to this free one.

  10. :-) I tried this one too, but how I said it is not good for news sites with a high frequent rate of content items – but on sites with a lot of static things it is awesome!

    echo “Greetings from Regensburg, Germany”; :-)

  11. Thanks for the great information!

  12. I hope the author will extend this excellent cache tool to run on J1.5! with legacy enabled… Otherwise, this is the coolest thing – really does make quite a difference.

  13. Its a really helpful tool and do offer some great performance and the most nice thing about it is its free.

  14. Thanks for the great information. Will help make my niche blogs more user friendly for my readers. With trial and error I have been able to learn some about Seo and what search engines like and what they do not and frown on. After reading many s called experts i felt it was the best way. But keep up the good posting informing bloggers about good seo and it’s importance to there success.

  15. Thanks for the helpful post!

    I’ve found another plugin btw. It also looks good and free to try.

  16. Nice peace of information you shared here. It would reduce site downloading time. Thanks.

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